Saturday, May 30, 2009

newest article for monthly column

The latest article by me for the column called the Missing Link between art and business is up on

It's about 16 bootstrapping techniques to preserve your cash.

I'd love to hear your ideas for keeping cash on hand. Please leave a comment!!


  1. A lot of times when making art there is an amount of waste that can be reused. For example, as a printmaker after editioning I end up with a pile of state proofs and misprints. Usually they aren't bad images, they just aren't exactly the same as the final edition. Instead of tossing them I reuse them in mixed media art or make them into cards.
    Finding a way to reuse the leftover scraps can both save money and be an interesting challenge.

  2. Helpful article. I esp liked the tips on the public library and the dollar store.

    Until recently I didn't have a library card. I am always thrilled with the resources I find there.

    With enough looking, I can usually find helpful items at the $ store. Unfortunately it isn't always my first place to shop.

    I look forward to more useful articles.