Tuesday, May 12, 2009

HITS Week 17B

Thanks for being patient and waiting an extra day for the weekly update on what I've been up to as an artist. This week was super busy, involving driving all over the place. (Thank you mom for the car. That was very generous of you.)

Synopsis of the Week:

1. Cactus Light commission! (I'd been holding out on you, until everything was more or less lined up.) I am creating custom Cactus Lights for my friend's loft in Emeryville. I showed him the lights, since he'd only seen them online and he loved them. I made several improvements to the design. Check out the alterations in this week's photo album.

I had a most wonderful business trip with him and his friends from Portland (I another sign to move there, I tell yah!) Us visitors were treated to an incredible vegetarian restaurant by our host. The veggies are grown by monks in Marin. I felt so spoiled. I giggled through dinner. And the hand dryer in the women's bathroom was super fun to play with. It's made by Mitsubishi. The food was so amazing too. Any meal with fresh lemonade is a special one. :-) Thank you for treating, my friend. Looking forward to making you some stunning lights.

2. First week of teaching knitting for a delightful home school family. Last week the 3 kids and the mom learned how to finger knit and French knit. Today will be their first time using knitting needles!

3. Started preproduction work for my first stop motion animation of a poem by Shel Silverstein. I decided to go with "Quick Trip" since it's prerecorded. I want the audio to be excellent so it doesnt distract from the models and animation. Since I'm not looking to be a sound designer, I thought it best to have Shel read his own poem. Plus his voice is nostalgic, since I listed to his poems over and over again on cassette tape. Next step is to do the story boarding.

4. Newest article on art and business is posted on the Capitalist Chicks web site and on the new Facebook Fan Page. I talk about two ways to improve your street cred as an artist.

5. Finished a book by Aardman Animations (they produce Wallace and Gromit). To read my personal insights click here.

More photos of the week are here including crazy looking knitting techniques.

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