Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Virtual Studio Visit is on YouTube!

Just to give you an idea of how much I learned to get the video up, I found out that it's YouTube and not UTube. Either one brings up the same site. :-)

I'd love to hear your reactions (good or less favorable) on the miniature sheep and the video. Any special requests on which of my art to make a video of next?

Here's the link:
Virtual Studio Visit, Episode 1 - Blue Sheep


  1. I actually saw that 31 days thing on you twitter! Which is totally random because I miss quite a few twitter hard to keep up! I think I am going to do it, but I think I'll be following unnoticed...I tried to sign up and I couldn't figure out how...

    As far as traffic...I mean I obviously have such a long way to go yet, I'd be interested in know what people like Veggie Girl, The Inner Workings of a College Graduate, and Kath Eats Real Food do. But it seems to me like participating in things, starting your own things, and commenting are the way to go. Also making your posts and layouts really clear and easy to read.

    Menu Plan Monday is the obvious one, but Inner Workings of A College Graduate does bake sales everyone participates in etc. And commenting and making blogging friends not only makes it more fun, but spreads the word as well!


  2. Thanks for your polite comment back to me - please don't take my words as criticism, because I rather like your blog! My observation is that your header and your "about me" page say that your blog is an artist's blog, and with that in mind I picture a "works in progress" sort of blog, with perhaps discussions of art and the philosophy and ideas behind it.

    Your blog as I saw it (and I didn't look backwards much, just read through the things on the front page), was more personal and focuses on networking and goals. All of that is good and it doesn't bother me, but I think that it may confuse your audience.

    If you have people coming because they're interested in art - they won't see it on the front page. On the other hand, if people that want to read about networking, goals, blog productivity, and just life... they are likely to see your header and maybe feel like they're not as interested in a blog about art, and not subscribe.

    You see what I mean? I'm in experimental stages with this - I've split my blog into three so that they aren't too scattered. One reviews media, one is my "life" blog, and talks religion and politics. My "life" blog gets the most traffic, I think because people want to read stories.

    The downside is that I've really made things more complex for myself, and sometimes something I'm writing in one place might be interesting for the readers of one of the other blogs, and they just aren't exposed to it.

    Anyways, sorry for the long comment, I hope it was even remotely helpful! :)