Friday, April 17, 2009

Week 15 Happenings in the Art Studio

Typically I post what I did in the studio on Mondays, but I'm going out of town. This is an atypically HITS (Happenings in the Studio) post since it's so short. I'll be sure to divulge more for Week 16.

Highlights for the week:
  • To date I've submitted 6 job applications. Looking for a creative or active job basically anywhere in the world. Fingers crossed for the rock climbing gym.
  • Furthered my knowledge of stop-motion animation by holding books at the library on sculpting with polymer clay, mold making, armature construction and animation. One of them all ready arrived and I'm done reading it. I also watched James and the Giant Peach. Also looked for more stop-motion companies to apply to.
  • Occurred to me to also post my artwork on Craigslist, so now there are several ads of my art with photos.
  • Deadline for the Miniature Sheep Contest. Originally there was going to be one winner, but not very many submitted. As a thank you to the participants each one is going to receive a blue sheep. Thank you so much for playing! It was really a hoot to look at your creations.

Sheepzilla by Ian, CG artist for a San Francisco video game company. I can't say I pictured the miniture sheep being super big. Thanks for showing me another way to look at them.

Scuba diving sheep by Lynette. This was her first time doing anything like this. Way to go Lynette!

Freeriding sheep, mindlessly following each other to the edge by Cactus.
This is too funny! They must have really strong necks to hold up the helmets.

Thank you again to Ian, Lynette and Cactus for submitting. Your sheep will be arriving very soon!

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  1. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try something new. I'm anxious to try some more photoshop stuff. Look forward to receiving my sheep prize.

    (Did you find your charger?)

  2. Hey, Elizabeth! I tagged you for an honest scrap award. Come to my site to have a look.