Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Year's Resolution Going Strong
Since January, when I made the resolution to move 30 minutes a day, I've only missed that mark . I refrained from saying "exercise 30 minutes a day," because that sounds more exhausting to do.

I can just imagine the visual some of you have that all of the computer work and reading has rounded me out in every direction. Not so much. My health food diet keeps me healthy looking. Prior to January, other than commuting via razor scooter or walking, I didn't move much. I'm going to live a long and healthy, energetic life, so as a New Year's Resolution I decided to drastically change my behaviors.

The first step was joining a gym. The harder challenge has been consistently going there. I use the whiteboard to keep track of my movement, be it juggling, biking, intense sculpting, tping, yoga, stair master...

What I needed was a motivator to get started and a ridiculously easy goal to get the feel good, feeling that I'm succeeding. In the past 3 months, only a couple of times I moved for just 30 minutes. I just needed to get started, and I have a hard time stopping. I'd be thrilled to have a sponsor and train full time, whether it's for the Olympic fencing team, fast pitch softball, ice skating, yoga.

I mix it up, some days I take group classes. This introduces me to new yoga postures, ensures that I finish the entire routine and it's social. Other days I swim or do resistance training. Variety keeps me interested.

On the occasional day off, I give myself a "spa day" at the gym, by going swimming, sit in the steam room then take a yoga class. I'm at the gym at least every other day. I was going in the morning and at night, but it cut too much into my schedule. I was happier, felt healthier, sexier, more hungry and rewarding tired feeling.

Movement Calendar
On the whiteboard I mark "nada" for the days I didn't move. Either because I was too sore and exhausted or too much that had to get done on that day.

This month has had the most "nadas" at 5 days. January and February sat pretty at most 3 days. That's fine since it is a drastic improvement versus my lifestyle in the Bay Area.

Ideal job would be working very little and rest spend out side or working mostly outside.

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