Monday, March 24, 2008

Still sick

Everything I need when I'm sick:
1. Hot water bottle (hidden inside Raphael "pillow case")
2. Arnica- pain relief gel
3. Purell hand sanitizer
4. Chloraseptic Spray to numb throat
5. Lots of pillows
6. Tissues
7. Vitamin water
8. Airborne
9. Heating pad

Not pictured:
1. Cowboy Bebop
2. Tons of fruit
3. Antibotic for throat
4. Lots of water
5. Water with salt for gargling
6. Blankets
7. Bed Time Bear
8. Warm sun to sleep in
9. Cough drops
10. Odwalla juice
11. Someone to bring me these things. Thank you George! I appreciate you for taking care of me. I am so thankful that you where home yesterday, when I was doing very badly. Thank you!

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