Monday, March 24, 2008

Cheap nuts and sun tea

Adding to my list of handy, random tips:

1. Cheap place to buy nuts and dried fruit- Trader Joes! While you're there grab a bag of semisweet chocolate chips (by the sorbet which is also divine). The chocolate is about $1.50 a bag and they're dairy free!! Throw them in with hole cashews, dried cranberries, walnut halves.

2. Need wire? What about skewers for a camping trip? Go to the dry cleaners and ask if they have any coat hangers. They will most likely love you for taking them off their hands.

3. What about used bike inner tubes? That rubber tube is great for tie downs. They have so many uses. Just think. Ask for old ones from bike repair shops or REI. They will be grateful that they are being reused instead of being put in the landfill.

4. R U a painter? Find the cheapest, good quality canvas at a theatre supply company.

5. Don't have a glass pitcher but u want to make sun tea? Use your bender instead. Put the entire thing out side in the sun. It looks delightfully bizzar.

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