Monday, March 3, 2008

History Channel

I've been making props for a documentary on the history of tattooing. I made the cavemen tattooing props. They are all ceramic. There are 7 bone needles, 1 large, flat needle holder and a bone mortar and pestle. Hopefully the documentary will be on the History Channel by this summer. I'll keep you updated.


  1. Oh, my. what a great job! was the "history channel" pleased with your work.

    Thanks for posting this as I've been so curious!!!!

    What happens with them when the filming is done? I've always wnated a tattoo. :-)


  2. Wow, these came out awesome! I didn't know you were making tattoing stuff, that makes it even more extreme, cave-style! The pics look great too, did your man-person take them?

    Sculptures-on-TV Tivo party at my place!

  3. Super Cool work! Really awesome... I can totally picture what a caveman would do to the artist if he didn't like the picture :-P
    What do you think the caveman version of the "love Mom" tattoo was?

  4. Always love the posts, and on a side note if you have any cool ideas about where to go I am planning on riding pacific coast highway in like 6 months on the motobike so I am trying to take advantage of the 2 weeks off...