Monday, March 24, 2008

prescription safety glasses

They're here!!!
My first pair of prescription safety glasses.

Whenever I put safety glasses over my regular glasses I'm in a bunch of pain. My ears can't handle 2 sets of glasses. Ouch! On top of that, both pairs like to slip down my nose, making it very difficult to sculpt. It is such a bugger to adjust 2 pairs of glasses when wearing a face shield, big old ear muffs, respirator and leather gloves. I also don't want to scratch up my nice, everyday lenses from metal shards.

Now that I have decided that I am a professional sculptor, I need tools that work for me. I don't want to dread certain steps because I have to wear safety glasses.

For a month, I researched online the cheapest place to buy prescription safety glasses. My search criteria:
OSHA approved lenses. My brother is a carpenter and he said I need the strongest lenses possible. Look for ANSI Z87.2
2. They need to look sporty. The cheaper frames look like old man glasses. I am not going to spend $ on something I'm not going to wear. Plus, the old man glasses didn't seem to fit close enough to the eyes (which is the whole point).
3. Not to pricey that I can't replace them next year when my prescription changes.
4. A decent return policy since I'm buying online and I am not sure of the fit.

I went with

Typically, it's difficult finding glasses to fit my narrow face. So I was worried about which frame to buy.
I called them to ask which pair fits small heads. I also asked where to type in my astigmatism. I don't remember what he said, or else, I would share that info with you.

When you order frames you need to know the distance between pupils. When I went to Lenscrafters for my annual exam I asked them to measure
that for me.

Here's the specs on my glasses: (Can u tell I'm excited?)
Polycarbonate lenses: it's a plastic that is the most impact resistant material available for glasses. Polycarbonate is UV resistant and about 50 times stronger than other lens materials. Why would you want anything but the best material protecting your eyes?
AR Coating: A coating that improves both the vision through the lenses and the appearance of the glasses. The coating reduces the reflections on the lenses themselves.
Scratch Coating: A clear, hard coating that makes lenses more resistant to scratching.

Grand Total: $165
This is about $100 less than anywhere else I've looked!!!

Return policy: (dumbed down version)
If you don't like the frame you can return them for a full refund.
For the lenses you get 50% back since they cannot be reused.

Prompt. It was about 2 weeks.

Some of the frames you can try on at local optometrists. You could go to the store, find the frame that fits best, then buy online.

Some companies that require you to wear safety glasses can get you a discount. Ask at work about that.

I've been sick all week, so I haven't had a chance to use my new glasses. One huge improvement is that they don't slip off my face when I look down! The only problem is that they are too big at the temples. They aren't loose, just visually they look big. I keep telling myself they are just safety glasses. So far I am very happy with my investment.


  1. Sorry about the formatting. I can't make it all the same sized font. Computers are a great mystery. Things like this remind me who's really in charge. I hope the review helps.

  2. You got a great deal. Prices are through the roof these days for similar types of glasses.