Monday, March 24, 2008

Car Rental

I have a friend that hunts for the absolute best deals, like I did with finding prescription safety glasses. She swears by Dollar Car Rental. I think Enterprise is good too.


I've rented from Dollar and Enterprise.
With Dollar, if you are under 24 they add $25 to rent a car. Now I am actually looking forward to my next birthday.
In SF, their store is open 7-7pm, which is a pretty early closing time.
I has the hardest time trying to talk to an actual person on the phone.
I never did find the # for the SF location, just the national 800 #. So frustrating!
My bf reserved the car online the night before. I picked it up and they were out of compacts, so they gave me a convertible with no extra charge! It was so much fun driving it in Napa!

With Enterprise, at the San Francisco International Airport, they're open 24 hours.
There is also a 20% tax renting from the airport!!!
When I returned the car, I was asked what I thought of Enterprise. I told them I couldn't get through to the SFO location when I called on Saturday and Sunday. They took off $25 from my bill.
They didn't clearly explain the charges when pre-paying for gas from them.
No extra fee for being under 24!
If you call a branch and they can't answer the phone, it redirects you to the national #. If you want to borrow the car for an extra day, like I did, you have to talk to someone on the phone or in person from the location your rented from. For your reference the SFO enterprise direct # is 1-650-697-9200 ext 8.

Both car rental companies were super polite in person and when I could get a hold of someone one the phone! The cars I drove were practically new and handled great. I can't wait to be driving again!!!!!


  1. theoretically they do but I have been renting cars all winter from Enterprise on the weekends for 9-12 dollars per day!!

  2. Good to know. Thanks Cactus. What's the name of your blog? I'm over due for a visit. R U still making a trip down HWY 1? The furthest I've been down 1 is to Big Basin, which is about 3 hours south of here, so unfortunately I don't have any suggestions. When's your trip?