Saturday, March 22, 2008

grad school

I've been gleaning words of wisdom from former and present sculptors in masters' programs for sculpture.

When looking for Grad school ask yourself...

1. Having the entire day open to work in the studio is key. If you have no place to work, why are you there? Do you have 24 hour access to your studio? What about during spring break? Do you have to move your stuff out in between semesters?

2. Each art school is known for a different style. Look for schools that are a line with your art. Do they have the equipment that you need? What about instructors to ask questions about a particular media?

3. How big will your studio space be? Would you have to share it? Do you get a bigger studio after passing mid-point? Is the door big enough to get your art out the door? Is it quiet, warm, well lit and safe?

4. Limit your commitments. You are there to make art, so make it. Don't make excuses. Find a way to make it happen. Just decide and do it.

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