Wednesday, January 16, 2008


This is my first time doing Works-For-me-Wednesday, and it's a backwards day! Normally I share a tip from my life, but instead I get to ask for advise. I wrote a huge mental list of things I need help with, "doing the things that I don't enjoy doing first like laundry and dishes, how to organize my giant paper pile, and where to get new, off beat music."

This is what I decided on: how do you make a decision? I shouldn't be agonizing over picking the best, most creative dilemma, but I am. Does anyone else do that? I think I am indecisive over the big things: where and when to go to graduate school, where to apply for residencies, what to give my boyfriend our anniversary. I lose so much time every day trying to decide on the best choice.

Help other folks with their burning questions at Works-for-me-Wednesday

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