Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lots of random tips

Random Tip List (Because I love tips, randomness but mostly I adore lists!)

1. The Best photo shop in the East bay is the Looking Glass.
2. If you are going to archive your slides don't use an Epson consumer level scanner. Consider buying, borrowing or renting one. The Looking Glass has a $600 scanner for rent at $99. If you check it out by 2pm Friday you dont have to return it until 1pm on Monday.
3. Rent a wet vac, AKA carpet cleaner, from Safeway. They have 24 and 48 hour rentals. Go to the customer service desk to rent one.
4. How to roast your own "roasted red pepper".
On a gas stove put a whole bell pepper directly on the burner. Leave it there until it gets black then turn it over. It's about 2 minutes a side. When it's black all over take it off and let it cool. Cut pepper in half, clean out seeds. Then scrape off black. It should come right off. Viola.
5. If you have a splayed paintbrush that has bristles going every which way get it wet. Then using masking tape, tape the bristles so that they hold the shape that you want. When it dries it will be under control again.
6. Are you running out of room for your scarves? I was hanging them on hooks, but inevitably I always needed the scarf on the bottom. I'd have to take them all off to get the one I wanted. And often the scarves just fell off anyways. So I fixed this buy hanging a curtain rod on my bed room door. You could use a towel rack too. The scarves are easy to get off and they look pretty. Now I just need to figure out where to put my knit hats.
7. I haven't read this trilogy yet, but I hear it is very good. It's required reading for graduate sculpture students. It's "Art Theory" by Robert Williams.
8. A building of galleries in downtown San Francisco is at 49 Geary at Market street. I really need to go there.
9. You can design your own rubber stamps. Look for it online. It should be pretty cheap. It's great for a ceramic sculptor or potter who needs to initial and date their work. I've been carving my own initial stamp, but when I need something more complicated, I will look into it. I was reading that you can make professional business cards and letter head by having a custom rubber stamp of your logo or name. It's the fraction of the price then having a printer do it for you.

That's all for now.

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