Sunday, January 13, 2008

new year's resoltions update

I am going strong on keeping my resolutions. (Granted it is only 13 days into the year.)
Here's the summary:

1. I tried a new fruit that I didn't recognize. I bought it at the Nicaraguan fruit vendor. It was a Ya Pear. I kept waiting for it to ripen and get soft like a "typical" pear. After waiting 3 weeks, George tried it and it was amazing. I had one too. It has the texture of a water chestnut and it is sweet!

2. I've been focused on art and learning about how to be a professional artist. I finished reading, "Guerrilla Girls' bedside companion to the history of western art," and "Taking the Leap, building a career as a visual artist. The insider's guide to exhibiting and selling your art," by Cay Lang. Both of these books have web sites if you are interested. I'm sure I will talk more about "Taking a Leap" later on.

3. I figured out how to download Mavis Beacon's teaches typing. Don't tell her I am chicken pecking right now. Using just the home row plus "e" and "i I can type 22 wpm (words per minute). My goal is to take typing lessons with Mavis 2 hours a week.

4. I've been cooking new meals that at gluten, dairy and egg free. Yesterday I made chili with ground turkey. I have no clue what is for dinner tonight.

That's all for now.

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