Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The best place to buy size A bras

The best place to buy size A bras

I was shopping with my mom for bras in the ladies department at Walmart
. I was having a hard time finding my size, which is an A. I was being silly and suggested that I look in the girls department. We went over there and looked. I hit the jackpot!!! Not only were the bras regular price of $7 but they were fun colors too! There's flowers and bright colors and pastels. It is much more fun to wear a bra that has color. Coming from an artist, color is my lifeforce. ;-) To make the experience even better, the bras where on sale for $2.50! I have never owned so many bras. I am definitely set for the next several years.

There's my tip for my fellow Works-for-me-Wednesday bloggers, where we each share a tip of what works for us. I just had to post a picture to shock my mother.

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  1. I remember the days of cute, cheap bras...sigh. They don't make them in my size, I guarantee it! :-)