Sunday, January 3, 2010

Abridged 2010 New Years Resolutions

Writing by Cactus Light I'm trying to simplify my plan for 2010. Planning and making goals gets me to where I want to be faster, but how do I know what will still be important to me at the end of the year? Or in five years?

I am already sick of to-do lists. How else can I shape this year?

I no longer think in terms of semesters! It doesn’t even occur to me when mid terms are going on at my old school. I now think in 12 month chunks, which makes life less hectic since I’m not restarting my life every 15 weeks.

According to the case study done at Harvard in 1979, only 3% of the graduates had written down clear goals and how to accomplish them. Ten years later a follow up was done on the class of ’79 and found that the 3% that had written their goals were making over 10 times the amount of money than the rest of their class combined.

While having lots of money at my disposal would help immensely in accomplishing my goals, it’s not the money that motivates me. What does motivate me? Pride in accomplishing what I set out to do. Keeping life interesting by doing varied activities. Capturing my dream of supporting myself as an artist.

I’ve written out New Year’s Resolutions since I was little and each year got to see how I’d grown. In 2008 I learned to write clear measurable goals, so I can access at Christmas time if I reached my goals.

2008 goals

2009 goals

The word for 2009 was focus. I'm not sure what the word for 2010 should be - possibly simplify?


  • Make some juggling friends and learn to pass clubs
  • Go camping in my 9' tipi
  • Weekly spend time with my family
  • Every month initiate an art making get-together with local friends and family
  • Monthly art date with Celeste and Rohan
  • Volunteer one hour a week to listen to kids read


Generally I let myself go wild with reading books and consume mass amounts in the process. In an effort to make myself more relaxed, (is that an oxymoron?) I’m giving myself permission to slow down and read just a book or two a month. That way I can enjoy what I am learning and not spend all of my time reading in place of experiencing the world.

Last year I started keeping a book list on this blog and it helped remind me of the fun and varied things I read. I have already started the ongoing post of the 2010 Book List.

Books to read this year (in addition to anything else that looks interesting!)

Fun books:
Anything by Louisa May Alcott, Terry Pratchett, or Agatha Christie

Educational books:
Photoshop book from Ian
Photography books from Jenny
The Power of Now by Ekhart Tole
Recommended books from the Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA)


  • Have my own apartment/tree house/tipi with studio space
  • Buy my yellow bike Aura from my bike dealer, Ian
  • monthly make payments on my student loans thanks to my picture framing job
  • either have one full time job or enough other side jobs to support myself


In 2009 I kept a movement calendar on a white board of every time I moved (i.e. yoga, juggling, swimming…) The goal was to move everyday of the year for at least 3o minutes a day. Over six months I only missed a couple of days, so I decided I didn't need the movement calendar and stopped. That’s when I fell off the horse and struggled with doing anything other then sitting in front of the computer or reading.

For 2010, the dorky movement calendar is back on my bedroom wall with the renewed goal of moving 30 minutes a day, every day. Instead of calling it an exercise calendar, it's the movement calendar, because that sounds way less work than exercising.

  • Drink 2 metal canteens of water per day, which comes to 2.2 liters.
  • Practice yoga 1 day a week to improve posture (and slowly add in more days per week)
  • Lift weights twice a week to get rid of my bat wings (aka flabby upper arms)
  • respark my interest in cooking by trying one new recipe per week (i.e. vegan, sushi, Indian, coconut tamales)
  • Keep taking ginkgo biloba twice a day, so I remember what’s going on
  • Find a hair style that I like
  • Continue a 2008 New Year's Resolution of buying strange produce whenever I fee like it
  • Learn how to juggle more then 3 objects
  • Earn extra money to pay for a yoga studio membership


There's no point in sharing what my goals are for art, because there are so many. I need to decide how to spend my time; if it's going to be on becoming an excellent picture framer, a really good Photoshop whiz and 3D modeler, break into the fine art world as a sculptor or develop a stop motion demo reel.

I find it incredibly difficult to pick one area and focus on it, because I enjoy the variety of creating in different mediums. I also have a hard time committing, what can I say. I don't like leaving things unresolved, but for now, this is going to have to do until I figure my career out.

I've love to hear about your plans for the year. Leave me a comment and I'll reply back as soon as I can. Have a happy new year!

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