Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's resolutions

Since I was a kid I'd make New Year's Resolutions. I think that is because my mom got me hooked on them. Some years I'd write down my goals and seal them in an envelope. I'd open them on the next New Years and see how many I had accomplished. I found that most often, by just writing down what I wanted to change, it would happen. No wonder I am an obsessive list maker and now a compulsive blogger.

I like improving myself. I typically make resolutions year round that way I am always focused on growing. I become bored when I am not learning something new, so I try to be in new situations or reading at least 1 book at a time.

2008 resolutions:
1. Buy and eat weird produce. There are so many foods I have no idea what they taste like or how to cook. I live in such a diverse city I can easily go to a market that is Nicaraguan, Asian, or Indian. Fruit are so cheap, it wouldn't matter if an occasional one was not to my liking.

2. Become attuned to others needs more than mine. I tend to be very selfish with my time and what I do with it. My time is usually spent on achieving my goal of supporting myself as a professional artist.

3. Continue focusing my life on art, learning and my health.

4. Find a way to fence competitively again or get lessons. Every time I read a fencing magazine or watch fencing on DVD I get ancy. I miss fencing so much!

5. Stick to eating foods that are good for me. That means no gluten, dairy or eggs. I need to change my mindset that it's a treat to eat something that. I should think of those things as a poison to my body. My body doesn't react to those foods and I need to respect that.

6. Learn to type by either using mavis beacon or the mario typing game. I delete letters more than I type. Arg!

Knowing me and my lofty goal setting ways I will add to this list later. This is all for now.

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