Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How to attract dogs' attention

Molly and I figured out how to get lots and lots of dogs to come over to us and not go away. We had a picnic at the world famous dog park, Lafayette park in SF. We conveniently spread out fresh tamales, fresh avocados, fruit salad and trail mix right at dog eye-level. The winner was the mimosas made with sparkling wine instead of champagne. The owners kept asking us if those where mimosas. I think they where looking for hand-outs too.

The reason for the picnic is because Molly is moving back to her home country, Sweden. We had class together in college and have hung out since.

The dog that stole my heart was Gismo. You have to say his name high-pitch like when you talk to a baby. Gismo! I spent entirely too much time trying to find a photo of a Gismo dog, but not knowing what kind he is, I gave up. So imagine a shaggy, short dog that has so much hair that you can't see his black eyes. He came wagging his tail right onto the blanket. Without even thinking I picked him up to move him and looked at his face. I fell in love. He is such a sweetie. Unfortunately his owners didn't want to part with him. Alas.

I packed the picnic, minus the wonderful mimosas, when I was really hungry. We ended up with lots of food left over. We where both very stuffed. So we lay in the sun. The weather was super warm, even in the shade. It's never like that in SF! I adore this city. Where else can you eat tamales made by Nicaraguans, drink mimosas and tan with a Swed? I am going to miss you Molly!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time with your friend - A great ending memory to cherish.

    When is she moving? And when are you going over to visit?