Wednesday, June 25, 2008

reaserching my ideal career

I'm half way through the book, "What color is your parachute?" It's a book about finding your dream job. I feel like I don't know enough about my options of what to do for a career and where to live in the world. I have lived in England for four years and traveled around Western Europe, the Carri bean, Mexico, Hawaii and the west coast, but there is so much more to discover. How do I dream up my ideal career with out first experiencing the world?

What are ways that I can travel and get paid enough to pay back my student loans?
How much is enough money?
What would I enjoy doing?
Who would I want to work with?
And where?

I brainstormed a list of jobs that I could get the training for by December when I graduate. (Some would require more training necessary then 6 months, but I put them down anyways, because they might lead to other jobs that I am qualified for.) I first made a list of my favorite subjects of books to narrow down what it is that I'd like to do temporarily over seas.

1. outward bound guide

2. guide for adventure tours
3. translator
4. art residency
5. backpacker picking up local jobs
6. join a volunteer service oriented organization
7. military
8. find a patron or sponsor
9. travel book writer
10. English teacher
11. missions trip
12. environmentalist field researcher
13. servas or other services on Rita Golden Gelman's site
14. flight attendant
15. train conductor or employee
16. sailor
17. researcher for a book
18. assistant cook
19. work at a museum giving tours
20. Spanish school instructor
21. fencing instructor
22. art tutor
23. teach an artists' resource class on-line
24. Taking the Leap mentor
25. find a grant for this trip
26. carpenter
27. WETA in NZ
28. farm hand in NZ
29. nanny
30. cowgirl
31. librarian
32. castle or cathedral tour guide
33. safari tour guide
34. film crew shooting educational or travel documentaries
35. art teacher
36. art therapist in natural disaster locations
37. photographer
38. make and sell art as I travel
39. work with a travel, art, business or environmental magazine that needs interns or graphic designers
40. graphic designer for local artists. i.e. business cards and letter head
41. studio assistant
42. apprentice
43. graduate school
44. web page designer for local artists
45. teach classes to kids at historical and art related places on how to weave a Turkish rug using popsical sticks and floss using traditional techniques
46. international customs adviser
47. sommelier
48. braille travel magazine writer, photographer and transcriber
49. scuba or snuba instructor
50. white water rapid instructor
51. boat operator in the great barrier reef
52. cruise ship employee like teach art classes, or organize the classes, or events for under 21 or educational classes on the culture, language, food, history, politics of the places visited
53. designing window displays
54. parade participant
55. Cirque du soleil employee costume, set, general crew or make-up artist

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  1. What an awesome list.

    I can see you doing any one of those things except for maybe the wine steward. Just kidding, I had to look up sommelier. Seems like an appropriate job for a Californian. :-)

    You are inspiring me. Hey, you could off er a class in brainstorming jobs ideas like you did here.