Monday, June 16, 2008

Yah for the dentist!

Do you look forward going to the Dentist? I do. The way I figure it, the dentist takes away my pain. For a one hour appointment to fill cavities I won't have pain every time I eat, drink or brush my teeth. I am also fortunate to have a wonderful and humorous dentist. Her name is Dr. Mary Puno.

She was referred to me by a co-worker of my boyfriend. I absolutely agree that she is great! Dr. Puno has a great female staff. Stephanie is always warm and friendly when she greats me at the reception desk. When Dr. Puno's assistant, Rachael, works on my fillings, it's like a synchronized dance. Rachael knows which tools Dr. Puno needs before asking. It makes for a quick visit.

Dr. Puno said to avoid pain, go to the dentist before it gets bad. A shallow filling is a quick fill but a root canal will take longer. She was explaining to me that a root canal done properly shouldn't hurt. She explained the process, which put me at ease. Having a dentist with good eyesight is also an important thing to think about.

I also learned that you shouldn't use a toothbrush stiffer than a soft! Go with extra soft or soft. The reason for this, is because you can brush off your enamel. The last two visits where to patch the teeth that I brushed away. Can't say that I am surprised that I did that. So now, to save a money, protect my teeth and save time from going to the dentist, I use a soft toothbrush.

My dentist is also very funny. A few weeks ago when Rachael and her where making a mold of my teeth, they used a goo that had a berry flavor. They tried to figure out the flavor, which was narrowed down to "an unidentified berry".

On my first visit, when the xrays where taken, Dr. Puno put a camera in my mouth. She showed me on the computer monitor where I have divots in my molars from grinding my teeth. It was so cool seeing that on the screen. My second thought was, "ah! This is going to cost way more than I can afford!" Thankfully my bf's coworker introduced me to CIGNA, which is a discount program for dental visits. You buy the year long membership for about $100 and can go to a list of dentists. The bill is basically cut in half! It has been more than worth it. I wouldn't of been able to go otherwise.

Mary Pauline Tanedo Puno, DDS - General Dentist
450 Sutter St
San Francisco, CA 94108
Ph: (415) 862-3202

CIGNA- dental plans

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