Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Books that I love

Rummaging through a library, bookstore or a friend's bookshelf my mind prefers to be looking at books by women. I hadn't noticed this until my buddy Brayton pointed out that my books are mostly by ladies.

Books I love in no particular order:
1. books about women
2. autobiographies by women
3. female authors
4. how to books, like idiots and dummies books
5. business
6. art history, techiques and artists
7. travel
8. encyclopedias
9. references
10. books in other languages
11. textbooks
12. books teaching other languages
13. dictionaries in English and other languages
14. old smelling books
15. maps
16. kids' books in English and other languages and in Braille
17. fiction staring women who are independent and world changers
18. cookbooks of other ethnicities
19. red hairring books
20. autobiographies by female travelers

21. Harry Potter ( I still haven't read the last book. I don't want it to end.)
22. female authors of mystery like Mary Higgens Clark and Agatha Christie
23. San Francisco travel books (I have two and I have used them a ton!)
24. rule books, like the official rules to the NHL and billiards
25. blank journals to chart my goings on in words and with magazine clipping
26. spiral bound sketch books for putting all of my drawing for my art and notes from the books I am reading. It has helped immensely in keeping the paper pile down and being more organized.
27. address book because it is more realable and portable than an address book on the computer
28. psychology- historical fiction and case studies by psychologists, researchers and patients

1 comment:

  1. I never thought of looking at my books to see if there is a theme to them.

    Love your list. I agree with liking books with that old book smell. To go with that is the feel of books in my hands.

    What are red hairring books?