Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Calvin and Hobbes Shadow Box

I find the framers at Lenz Arts in Santa Cruz to be very inspiring. They take on bold and involved tasks and create amazing results! The below shadow box is one of their creations.

As a kid, on Sundays I cut out my favorite strip Calvin and Hobbes and carefully stored it in a manila envelope for rereading. It was my favorite day of the week. I'd be hoping for a stunning watercolor of the boy and his tiger or a morbid snowman sculpture or a silly sleding accident.

I still have that manila envelope, along with most of Bill Waterson's books. As a preteen I emulated Waterson's style and experimented with watercolors, pen and ink and writing my own comics. Some day I am going to have some of my preteen art framed along with those cut out Calvin and Hobbes strips.

Thank you Bill Waterson for so many fond memories.


  1. Be sure to include a photo of your c&h inspired sculpture.

  2. I forgot about my bronze of C & H. Good thinking!

  3. Fantastic collage! We are C&H fans too.