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October was a pivotal month for me, seeing how I found a job as a framer!!! and moved to an apartment which is still here in Sacramento. It's ironic that now that I have just a desk to make art, (compared to two bedrooms at my old house,) I have been making art just about every day! This post is about recapping what I've done artistically over the past 31 days. Please feel free to leave comments or questions.

Art Commission

Taking a break in a hammock checking out the illuminated Cactus Lights.

I am designing another installation for my wonderful friend who already has some of my Cactus Lights. This next project is going to be a tent like floating object that will hang over his bed, with lights set to a timer to slowly turn on to simulate the sunrise. (Can you tell I'm still in the sketching and prototype phase and not sure that this installation is going to look like other then colorful and very tactile?) I'll post more about the project when I figure out what direction this is going to take.

Field Trip with Fellow Artist

On an impromptu field trip with my cousin (who I gave art lessons to during September,) we explored Utrecht. She'd never been there before, so it was really special introducing her to the plethora of art supplies. We walked down every aisle of the store and talked about every item in there, how and when to use it, materials that would be fun to try...

I think I enjoyed it as much as she did. Just being around supplies makes me want to create. I tried to focus on talking about playing and using the supplies (instead of saving them for a special project, since they are so precious). I've been hording supplies since I was a kid and in reality they take over my studio, leaving little room to create. It's been really hard, but now I only let myself buy new supplies if I'm going to use them that week.

My New Studio

My favorite part of new projects is the planning, list making supplies, thinking of how to most efficiently get tasks done, prototyping then jumping to the completion of the project, with that feeling of satisfaction and dive right into how to make it even better the next time around. So it's no surprise that I am loving having a new studio, organizing where the supplies go, and making prototypes of my newest art projects.

Right now I am working on making Halloween Cactus Lights for my studio windows, learning how to crotchet, experimenting with blown duck eggs in Cactus Lights and designing a tent with lights to hang over a bed.

(My first crotchet project with dyed duck egg using wax resist technique.)

Thanks to the new studio I've been reassessing my goals as an artist and this is what I came up with:

1. Revamp my portfolio site, from a blog template to a professional, less wordy site, with more images of my art. I've been putting this off, because I don't want to do it. Ideally I would hire someone to take care of it, since I don't enjoy hours on the computer. Anyone know an excellent and affordable web designer?

2. Be more social and make memories with friends and family over art, like getting together with my cousins to draw with oil pastels or go to art openings with friends.

3. Focus on experimenting on one idea (such as the Cactus Lights), see how far I can push it and when I have enough work, find a place to show it.

4. Customize my life. Don't just make art for other people or for future shows, but to beautiful my own home to make it a peaceful and relaxing haven.

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