Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How to Blow an Egg

How to Blow an Egg

After rekindling my interest in Ukrainian egg painting by showing my cousin how to dye the eggs, I am now playing around with ideas on how to make the eggs more sculptural and luminous. First off I am combining my hanging cactus lights and the colorful Ukrainian egg technique.

Prepping for Ukrainian Egg Painting

After 20 minutes of figuring out how to blow an egg I was able to clean 1 out in about 30 seconds. I was starting to worry that this project was going to take weeks. Making a hole in either end of the egg and blowing is exhausting and really slow, but you are welcome to try that. The following steps is the easiest way I found to empty the contents of an egg by making the smallest hole.

1/16 bit to drill holes
7/64 bit to hand pierce yolks
foot pump (My plastic needle was too large for the egg hole, so I opened a ball point pen and cut off a bit of the plastic tube that holds the ink and duct taped that to the pump. This pump came with an exercise ball, but a bike pump could work too.)
bowl (to catch egg innards)

1. From the Korean market I bought a dozen duck eggs, since the duck eggs are harder to break than chicken eggs.

2. Using warm water and some white vinegar I gently washed the eggs. According to the egg painting kit that I have, they say never to use soap or detergent and never to rub the eggs.

3. With a pencil mark the center of the top and the bottom of the egg. (If it's important, find the perfect center by marking one end by eye and then measure to the other end from several sides to get the middle. A piece of paper could be used as a measuring tool.)

4. At the pencil mark shove a pin through the shell.

5. Quickly drill the pin holes to make them larger. The pin hole prevents the bit from sliding all over the shell, scratching the surface, and cracking the opening of the egg. Wiggle the bit around to make the hole a little bigger.

6. Using a foot pump, insert the plastic tip into one of the holes on the egg. 1 pump or 2 later your egg should be empty! Pump over a bowl to catch the whites and eggs and cook with later. If it seems clogged, stab the yolk with a drill bit.

7. Run the egg under warm water to rinse off any slime and store back in carton.

As you will see with my eggs the first few holes where large and jagged. That is because I tried drilling at super high speed with a larger bit, like you would drilling plastic. By time I used the above procedure several times the holes where uniform and smaller.

These eggs were painted by me and my cousin using wax and dye. These eggs are solid, which is another way to go; the yolk will eventually dry out. I didn't like the heaviness of the egg and the waste of food, hence the figuring out how to empty out the eggs.

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