Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Table of Contents for Liberating Trip from BART

The idea for the trip was birthed from frustration of waiting on public transportation to move me around the Bay Area. At the time, I was also stuck into a predictable routine, which was governed by lots of rules and list making. I wanted to be away from the city that I know so well, and be in a place that I can get lost and be in nature. This epiffany hit me when I was painting a ceiling out in Berkeley. Why not have a working vacation up in Oregon? And why just stay in Oregon? How about go anywhere I feel like going? So I packed my passport and jumped on the train.

Day 1 - Sacramento (July 2, 2008)
Drive-In movies with homemade ice cream

Day 2 - Sacramento
Fireworks and packing for trip to Oregon

Day 3 - Sacramento
Field trip of Transfer Station

Day 4 - Sacramento
More fireworks, Swimming in the river and riding a miniature train

Day 5 - Sacramento
Painted Rainbow fish mural

Days 6 and 7 - Sacramento and then Portland
My 24th birthday, coconut tamales, and a train ride to Portland

Day 8 - Portland
Eating my way though Portland: warm cashews with chili powder, a mixed drink with mangoes and more chilies!

Day 9 - Portland
Bike ride, GF black licorice, science museum and completed first activity from "What Color is Your Parachute?"

Day 10 - Eugene
bus to Eugene and checked into hostel, read kid's books in Braille at the library and walked at dusk through the pioneer cemetery

Day 11- Eugene
Oregon Country Fair, looked at Saturn through a telescope

Day 12 - Eugene
Oregon Country Fair, learned to juggle

Day 13 - Eugene
picnic and juggling at U of O campus, and played boggle

Day 14 - Monmouth and Salem
train to the state capital, reunited with old friends, Golden Man and Thai food!

Day 15 - Monmouth and back to Portland
Berry picking, then train ride to Portland, checked into hostel and juggling at a park

Day 16A - Portland (for the 2nd time)
More activities and thoughts from "What Color is Your Parachute?" (WCIYP?)

Day 16B - Portland
clean bathrooms and chocolate chips

Day 16C - Portland
exploring downtown and juggling at Reed College

Day 17A - Portland
Questions for Employers

Day 17B - Portland
Checked out of hostel due to uncomfortable beds, bronze tree at library, worked for a local artist, cheered on friend's kickball team

Day 18
- Portland
Worked another day for local artist!, happy hour and then "naked lady party"

Day 19 - Portland
farmers market, sand castles, galleries, tattoo documentary

Day 20A - Portland
What I figured out are my ideal working conditions thanks to "What Color is Your Parachute?" (WCIYP?)

Day 20B - Portland
sketching, tanning, more list making from "What Color is Your Parachute?" (WCIYP?)

Day 21 - Seattle
Train ride to Seattle, checked into hostel, checked out Pikes Place, the Space Needle and Olympic Sculpture Park, plus more of me figuring things out thanks to WCIYP?

Day 22 - Seattle
Seattle public library, galleries and sculptures!

Day 23 - Vashon Island
Ferry to the island and checked into a tipi.

Day 24 - Vashon Island
bike ride, labyrinth

Day 25 and 26 - West Seattle
Stayed with travel writer, revisited the Olympic Sculpture Park and saw Eartha Kit

Day 27
- Portland for the 3rd time!
relaxed and ate spaghetti

Day 28 - Portland
First day working for Jillian remodeling an apartment

Day 29 - Portland
Working with Jilllian, talking about men and electromagnetic fields

Day 30 and 31 - Portland
Casting belt buckles, Mongol, yahoo for Celeste

Day 32 - Portland
painting french doors

Day 33
- Portland
Flugtag, Dark Knight...

Day 34 - Portland
Concrete counter tops

Day 35 - Portland
more belt buckles and continued working on counter tops

Day 36 - Portland
Super hot!! More casting belt buckles.

Day 37 - Portland
Champagne bar, Color and Design and no more belt buckles!

Day 38 - Portland then up to Seattle
Lunch with Jillian, train ride to Washington, then dinner with old friends from England

Day 39 - Denver
no e-ticket, flew to Denver and saw my bf and his family!

Day 40 - Denver
Chilhuly and aerial performance

Day 41 - Denver
Buffalo Bill's grave and live music

Day 42 - Denver
Dark Knight, Munchin Bites and Lazar pointer

Day 43 - Denver
Myers-Briggs personality test, grant writing class

Day 44 - Denver
resume book, adjustment and Blyan's gradation

Day 45 - Ft. Collins
met up with old friend, hiked and played air hockey

Day 46 - Denver
Art Museums, Alaska footage and Casino Royale

Day 47 - Denver
relaxed and party at Susan's house

Day 48 - Denver
4 wheeling, resume book and elk burgers

Day 49 - San Francisco (Aug. 18, 2008)
Last chiropractic adjustments, flew home, ate tamales, Fear and Loathing then bed

Click for the Epilogue to "the Liberating Trip from BART"

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