Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Favorite Children's Book Author

Enid Blyton is the fifth most translated author worldwide, who wrote over 800 books in 40 years. She was a British author from the 1900s and I grew up loving her books (and still do!)

Malory Towers

My favorite series by Enid Blyton is about a girls boarding school, which I have reread many times. My favorite character is Darrel since she plays pranks and lacrosse both really well. I learned from doing research for this post that these books were written a lot longer ago then I thought, which explains why they are so wholesome and charming.

The six 'official' books of the series are:

  1. First Term at Malory Towers (1946)
  2. Second Form at Malory Towers (1947)
  3. Third Year at Malory Towers (1948)
  4. Upper Fourth at Malory Towers (1949)
  5. In the Fifth at Malory Towers (1950)
  6. Last Term at Malory Towers (1951)

Pamela Cox wrote six sequels in 2009 which focus on the adventures of Felicity Rivers and June Johns: ( I havent read these books yet, I only just learned about them. I cant wait to read them!)

  1. New Term at Malory Towers (2009)
  2. Summer Term at Malory Towers (2009)
  3. Winter Term at Malory Towers (2009)
  4. Fun and Games at Malory Towers
  5. Secrets at Malory Towers
  6. Goodbye Malory Towers

The Magic Faraway Tree

Before I knew how to read cursive I had no idea on how to read my favorite author's name. Look for yourself on the cover of the Magic Faraway Tree! It looks like Gnid Blyton. I didnt want to say my heroes name incorrectly, so I didnt say it, but instead referred to the book titles. I dont remember when I learned her real first name, but I am sure it was a relief to realize that her name wasnt Gnid, but instead a much nicer name.

Some where in the garage is this series, The Magic Faraway Tree, which is about three kids who discover a magical land full of pixies and other enchanted creatures, but the kids cant stay there long, or else they get trapped there. I have to reread these charming books!!

The Famous Five

From what I recall this is the only other series by Blyton that I read and it ranks as my third favorite. This series caught my interest because it's about four kids and a dog named Timmy that solve mysteries often all by themselves.

I have two books of the Fives adventures. They are choose your own adventure books! The above photo with the rucksack (aka backpack) are the plastic props that come with the book, along with a full color map!!! I played with this book when I discovered it in the garage and it was just as much fun as I remember it.

In Closing
If you are in need of more information on Blyton, here's her official site, with descriptions and links to buy the books. I already checked and the Sacramento library only cares 1 auto tape and 1 book by her. :-(

Just thinking about these books makes me all giddy. You really must look up a copy of some of her books. There are so refreshing, magical, and a delight to read. Enjoy!

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  1. I have a very old copy of Enid Blyton's "Book of Faeries". I read it over and over again as a child, and I have saved it in hopes that one day my children will enjoy it too!
    At the Folsom Flea Market, back in one of the sheds, is a very old set of rooms with thousands and thousands of books. I have found some of her books there, reasonably priced, I hope to go soon and rescue them!