Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why I lost sleep as a kid...

Sharp Tooth!!!!

For a year straight, my brother and I daily watched the original Land Before Time. Tim loved the animals. I loved copying my older brother.

Even though I literally cried every time I watched the movie for the first two months at the scary or sad parts, I toughed it out to be as brave as my brother. Tim can impressively quote this entire movie.

Rewatching it a few days ago (since having the flu gives me time to veg out and blog,) I managed to watch the movie without crying. Instead I was super impressed by the child voice actors and their contagious laughter, loved the old school animation and surprised to learn that Spielberg and Lucas produced the movie.


  1. Yes, you were a very brave girl. No matter how I tried to talk you out of watching the movie, you wouldn't budge. I think you were like 5 years old.

  2. I loved that movie, still do, just wont admit it. Sharptooth was and always be my favorite dino next to the ones in fantasia that is. Ever since I first saw the fantasia dinosaurs i could not go a night with out dreaming of them. And That was over half a lifetime ago,the few 16 that I have lived.