Tuesday, September 8, 2009

CPR, AED and First Aid certified

Last week to show future employers that I am serious about working with kids, I became CPR, AED and First Aid certified.

It was really easy to find a class. I went to the Red Cross and registered online for an in-person class that happened to meet the very next day. The 10 hour class cost $58, which is such an amazing deal considering the value of the information, the quality of the teaching and resourcefulness of the take-home skills cards.

The class was mostly hands on, with a written test at the end, where I passed and received 2 cards saying that I am certified. I am such a nerd and loved being in class, absorbing the numbers, demos and videos about helping to save a life. I would love a job where I could take classes or be a teacher.

The scary ratio that I learned in class was that 60:1 people are trained in CPR. It's time to take a class to be prepared and more confident in the event of a crisis. Sign up for a class now.

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