Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

I finished listening to Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money--That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!by Robert Kiyosaki.

About 4 years ago I listened to 2 of the 3 CDs but hit stop, because of my issues with money. Hearing that working hard isn't the way to make money made me so furious. I pride myself in working hard and not having the government take care of me. I was stuck in a conundrum, because at my jobs I was losing a huge chunk of my paycheck to taxes. It felt unfair and not motivating to work in that fashion. After 4 years of growth in marketing, sales, money matters, budgeting, grants and loans (aka life experiences), I was able to hear what Kiyosaki had to say.

Lots of things Kiyosaki talked about I realized I follow the same thought patterns without being aware of his. More about this later.

I made myself listen to, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" the first time and not take notes. Too easily I get sidetracked on research (aka bunny trails). I have tons to reflect on, in particular, what step to take next. For sure, I am going to listen to the book another time, before going to the library for another of his titles.

The single most thought stunning quote Kiyosaki said, was that he's "a best selling author, not the best writer." This is why it is key for me to learn marketing, sales and how to lead people. I don't need to be a perfect sculptor (as much as I want to be), but instead make well-crafted art that I am proud of while focusing on ways to improve my selling.

The runner up tidbit is to invest my time in monthly money creating assets, such as selling books online that I don't need to print myself or take care of shipping. I've wanted to write books, but I have been intimidated by how much time it takes. People seem so shocked and in awe when someone they know is published. I am disciplined and determined so why can't I do it? There is no reason why not. I started this week writing and designing two books that are under a 100 pages each. If I have a plethora of books that generate sales without my maintenance, then I can travel. It is a one time investment of time, doing something that I enjoy. I can add the selection of books by me for the fun, challenge and prospect of bringing in more income.

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