Monday, November 17, 2008

17 things I am grateful for

1. Freedom to move. I'll be moving back to Sacramento for a while. Here I come Rancho!
2. Friends with cars to drive me to Home Depot to buy drill bits
3. Space to make a mess (and leave it out) for creating Christmas presents
4. Fresh, steamed beets for snack time
5. For my mom to be home so we can challenge each other to see how much we can get done in an hour. Then we call each other and encourage on another.
6. Only 4 more weeks of school
7. Books! Right now I finished reading The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder and Taking the Leap. Ongoing I'm reading, Entrepreneurial Small Business, Rich Dad, poor Dad (on CD) and Financial Adviser (a magazine), Letters to a Young Artist and The Bluest Eye.
8. For the east bay's warm weather
9. My internet is regularly up and working. Without it, I am lost.
10. Blogs to keep in touch with family and friends
11. Braille, because it is interesting to decode and touch
12. Photo ops-I've been on a photo taking kick since my Liberating Trip from BART
13. Walborn- so much cheaper than airborn and just as yummy
14. Ian treated me to the newest Bond movie. ;-)
15. My dog is healthy, happy and hanging in there
16. Furniture nails and all of their untapped uses
17. Being less stressed today, but still feeling unfocused

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