Saturday, November 15, 2008

Letters to a Young Artist- Yvonne Rainer

Another nugget of wisdom that shakes my mindset of establishing in extreme urgency an art business.

"I only wish to emphasize, with the utmost fervor, how important it is for a young artist to delay "professionalism" as long as possible. Find some way to give yourself a chance - and time - to experiment, take risks, play, fool around, even fail, before trying to launch a career."

Best of luck,

Yvonne Rainer
New York

So now is the time for play, experiment, fail, and play some more. The question now is how to support myself while focusing most of my efforts on playing with different forms of art?

Another thing Rainer said that struck me was, "Challenge yourself with what "doesn't work." I often get stuck in the planning stage looking for ways to figure out the problem areas, like trying to come up with the most creative or original idea. All this thinking takes away from being in the studio. Instead of thinking of the problem areas as failures, use them as starting points to brainstorm, play and improve.

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