Sunday, November 9, 2008

Obama and his "seance" comment

Today I am creating a new New Year's Resolution. It was one that I considered back in January, but it felt too lofty, time consuming and overwhelming to take on. That is to follow via articles and videos on news of the nation, particularly the decisions and actions of the presidential election. Now that the election has passed, I want to continue to be involved in the goings on in my nation.

I started this morning by making time to watch videos on of Obama's speech about the transition into office. He addressed serious issues like how to stimulate the economy, seances and the type of dog his family is looking to own. It surprised me that a reporter asked which school the girls are going to attend. I found that odd, because that is private and doesn't effect how the President Elect will run the country. It reminded me of American mindset and interest in following things that are none of their business. The deep fascination and obsession over the events in Hollywood is a great example. I am repeatedly shocked at people's rudeness at wanting to know details that are private, like the reason for a divorce. There is a huge loss of respect for privacy. Being president, there isn't much privacy. But it still shocked me that someone asked about the girl's school.

I appreciated that Obama said repeatedly that there is one president at a time. Many times he said that he's not president until Jan. 20th. It gives me a little more confidence in him as a leader, that he respects who's turn it is to be in charge.

I was very surprised at how easy it was to find a video of Obama's speech. I was reluctant to have to read through a lengthy editorial, when really I wanted the words straight from his mouth.

This resolution of being involved and informed on my countries well being and actions will require a commitment on my part. Other wise I will fall way behind on all of the major events. I really enjoyed tracking the election in France two years ago, so taking that same fascination of numbers and relationships, I'm going to stay current on America's events.

I feel silly, ignorant and very young when I talk about my political views. This is changing today. When talking politics, I become increasingly aware that I am not even 1/4 of a century old. I haven't been around all that long. This is the second presidential election that I have been old enough to vote, (which I voted both times.) Most events that are brought up in the news or in conversations, I was not born yet or too young to care. I have extra foot work to read the history books (or archives online) to become informed on the complex situation that America is in. All I can do to catch up (along with all of the other youngsters out there) is to read, talk and watch videos. It's important to know and it's better late than never to get informed.

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