Friday, October 14, 2011

What are Cactus Lights?

Cactus Lights are hanging lights that have either glass or plastic repurposed containers for lampshades that are then shoved inside of a black, knit matrix.

After knitting the black cord into a giant sock like shape, I color the glass containers, drill holes in them for the electrical and for the support structure to go through, and then wire the lights with LEDs and hook them up to a touch pad.

Each light that I've crafted is unique to fit its home. All of the elements are variable: the length, the scale of the containers, the number of strands per cluster, the theme, the color of light… The light is soothing, like sitting around a Christmas tree.

duo cactus lights
worms viewWS

More about the Cactus Lights:

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More of my colorful art, on my portfolio site,

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