Saturday, October 8, 2011

Make your own Shrinky Dinks

After calling around for shrinky dinks and only finding precut shapes, I discovered online that you can easily make your own! Instead of buying the expensive plastic sheets, you can use plastic containers that are either #5 or #6.

You can use markers or if you want to decorate them with pencils first roughen up the surface with sandpaper.

click here to learn how make your own shrinky dinks

I drew this Goliath frog onto a thin sheet of plastic and shrunk it in the oven, making it 1/3 the original size. Shrinking the plastic also makes the plastic super compact and thick (and a tad brittle).

You should look up the Goliath frog. He's the world's biggest frog measuring 2 feet long and of course he's endangered. He's too cool to not be collected. ;-( He is also a delicacy, hence the miniature knives and forks circling him.


  1. creating with shrinky dinks is a fun thing to do. One year we decorated our yearly tea magnet with shrinky dinks.

    I have never tried making my own. Sounds like a fun project, but I don't think I have any plastic right now.

    I would like to make game tokens with our real faces and body. Maybe that will be a project we can do together sometime?

    Love your Goliath frog. Is it for a commission? How big is the finished piece?

  2. It was a homework assignment for my environmental art class. It was about 4 inches in diameter.

    I'd love to do an art project with you. :-)