Friday, September 5, 2008

Fear of Change

Elizabeth Symington
Fear of Change, 2008
8' x 6' x 4'
stretch cord, nails, found objects

The difficulty with change is trying to figure out if it is good or bad. I am graduating in December with a BFA in sculpture. This is definitely a good change. Everything else in my life is transforming: where I live, work and make art.

This sculpture represents a dilemma. Are the bowling pins ensnared in a cob web, facing the end of their lives? Or are they snuggled inside a cocoon, slowly evolving into something better?

The black stretch cord was knit with circular knitting needles. I made the needles from a 3/4" wooden dowel and red duct tape. Most of the knitting was done in the car riding back from Hearst Castle.

Recently, I went from dwelling in a basement apartment to living in a loft. When I was packing up white found objects left over from a past sculpture, it hit me. I suddenly knew what to do with the black stretchy socks. Aggressively I shoved the white objects into the black socks. Since my hammer was already boxed up, I grabbed a C clamp and nailed the socks to the underside of my deck. After a good deal of rearranging the objects, I found what I'd been looking for.

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