Sunday, September 28, 2008

Art Month

October is Art Month at the
Foundation Center. They offer free classes, a library and an online directory of grants for individuals.
If you search online for grants, you have to weed through all the grants offered to non-profits. I forget the exact stat, but it is like 9 to 1 that a grant is for a non-profit instead of an individual. The reason for this, is so the person giving the money can get a tax break. By having a directory of grants just for individuals saves tons of time! You can use the directory for free at any Foundation location or pay about $12 per month to access it from home via the web.

I've been to many free classes at the Foundation Center and they have been very helpful. I've taken Grant seeking basics for individuals in the arts, finding foundation support for your education and getting started with foundation grants to individuals online. Some classes are offered every month and others are one-time deals. Every time I am there, I am shocked by the knowledge and helpfulness of the staff. I've also used their library to look up art residency programs.

I've been taking it a step at a time. I feel like I don't have time to write a proposal, research a grant then apply. So I am taking the first step by take classes so I will know how to write an effective grant.

Now is the time to take a class especially if you are an artist. As before mentioned, this is Art Month. Check out their calendar.


  1. Smart plan. All your work will pay off. Keep it up, honey.

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