Tuesday, May 20, 2008

basically a grad

I am basically a grad. I don't have any sculpture classes left. In the fall I just have two business classes then I'll be done with school! I already feel liberated not being a student in a classroom. I am ready to learn from the real world.

What's the plan now? That is the question. Anything I want. But what do I want? I want lots of things. So now I need to decide what I want now and how to get it. I have such a hard time making up my mind, because there are so many things I want to learn, experience, and places to live.

For me it starts with research. I need a game plan. I need an idea of what other people have done so I can learn what worked for them (and what didn't).

I am reading one of the top 25 books that has changed people's lives.

It's called "What color is your parachute?" It's a job hunting book. It's focus is on figuring out your transferable skills that you enjoy the most, so that you can find your dream job. It's made up of lists that give resources (which I love) and these lists are added to my daily to-do list, (which stresses me out). It's all a balancing act of figuring out how much is too much and when it's ok for a break without feeling guilty.

Some of my many ideas of generating income is freelancing as an organizer for artists. I need to research and see what services other professional organizers offer and see if this is something I'd enjoy. While pursuing this organizing business, I'd for sure, continue sculpting and showing my art.

I am also applying to art residencies that award free room and board for artists, so they can create. Some of them even give money for art supplies and have facilities like for ceramics. Residencies can be from 2 weeks to 3 years. I'd be happy with any length of time in just about anywhere in the world.

Right now I am working on organizing a group show of sighted artists who work with Braille. I am in the beginning phase, so I don't have a gallery lined up. If you know of anyone who would be interested (either offering space or contributing art) let me know.

I feel very unfocused. I am constantly reminding myself to stay on track and referring back to what needs to be done. I am hoping, now that I am out of school, I will be happier. I think working in my studio all week, will make up for the much needed alone time to recharge.


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