Friday, February 1, 2008

No more important paper pile!!!

One of my new years resolutions was to be more organized and stay that way. I have a bigger problem with the latter. I mentioned before that I bought a filing cabinet used for $16. It was rusted and a boring beige. Last spring, I made about a 100 miniture, magnetic sheep. They tend to migrate from surface to surface around the apartment. The sheep told me they wanted to live on the filing cabinet. So I let them.

Right after buying the filing cabinet I purchased file folders. They are 1/2 the price at Walgreens compared to Longs. I bought a bunch of extras so I can't use the excuse that I'm not using the cabinet because I don't have any folders. I was going to label the tabs in pencil so I could change them in the future, but that's just silly: 1) they are super cheap to replace, 2) pencil is hard to read and it smudges, 3) why would I want to rename a file folder named "taxes" or "receipts"??? You can see in the close up shot of the filing cabinet I opted for colored markers because they are fun, easy to read and easier to remember since I recall things by their color.

Today I spray painted my filing cabinet black and green. I ran out of paint to so I had to use regular house paint for one side. Then I sealed the whole thing with Krylon crystal clear, so it wouldn't scratch off. I guess I should of used 2 coats, because when I moved it to my bedroom I scratched it. Thank goodness I picked colors that Sharpie makes! I touched it up with a black sharpie.
It has been wonderful not having a stack of papers on my desk, bedside table and on drafting table. Now they all have a file! Because I made the system colorful and fun, I've enjoyed using my filing cabinet.

I use to have a pile of notes on small pieces of paper. Now I can throw those notes in their folder. I even have one for blogging. I get ideas of what I want to post, but I don't always have time to write the post at that moment. Now I can reference the blog folder when I have time!

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