Friday, February 29, 2008

Living like a queen on a paupers budget

I've learned that if I go to a school and have the students practice on me, it's a fraction of the price. Often the flip side is that it takes more time.

In San Francisco, there are 2 hair saloon schools that I am familiar with. One is Vidal Sassoon and the other is Paul Mitchell. I go to Vidal because it's location works better for me. The hair cut is $20. Every time I've left stunned at how amazing I looked! It seems like the students know so much more than a person at cost cutters. The flip side is that you have to wait for their teacher to come around and approve the students work before moving on. You also have to make 2 separate appointment for a cut and color, but the price break is worth it. Since the stylist is learning it often takes 2 hours for a hair cut, so allow lots of time.

Vidal Sassoon
(415) 397-5105
359 Sutter St
, San Francisco, CA

Paul Mitchell Partner School
1067 Folsom, Suite 200
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 355-1734

The Pacific School of Dentistry is also an amazing place. I actually looked forward to going to the dentist. I think the students are in their last year. For me it was half the price than going to a licensed dentist. My student dentist, who was licensed in Peru, was very knowledgeable. It was like he wasn't a student. My biggest complaint is the amount of time it takes. Just like at the hair saloons before mentioned, the teacher's have to approve each step. On average it took 2 hours to fill a cavity. I had my wisdom teeth pulled by them. For legal reasons a licensed dentist yanked my teeth out (while I was asleep). The price was still half price from any other private practice dentist.

As of last week I've been going to the National Holistic Institute. It's a massage school. For a 50 minute massage it's $35. And you are not aloud to tip. They have specials, if you sign up at specific times it costs $20! There are also other locations in the bay area. You can make appointments online too. I figured since I'm no longer going to the Chiropractor (my new health insurance doesn't cover it) I have a weekly massage.

There's the Foundation Center that has free classes and a library on finding grants. They're also in a few other major cities. I've been to several of their classes and there was tons of resources. I haven't had time to research grants and residencies, but I figured taking the class is the first step for me.

Also check out schools for cosmetology and student therapists. Get creative and look around!

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