Friday, October 26, 2012

Art projects involving karate belts

Emily- You know the secret to getting me to write- you told me you've been reading my blog and asked what I've been making lately. This post is for you.

First off, the martial arts school that I train at gave me a giant bag of belts.  After washing them, I turned one into a scarf.  I got the idea from The Red Threads Blog.  

This beautiful black scarf was knit by the artist from The Red Threads Blog. 

Using that for inspiration I sewed karate belts together and lined the scarf with fur. 

Then I took this old, handmade frame that I had hanging in the bathroom and started quilling (click for examples of amazing quilled art) the white Akido belts. I am still experimenting with this idea, but I am going for a cross between Fernando and Humberto Campagna's chairs and Nnenna Okore's recycled newspaper sculpture called Flora III.

 Quilled chairs by Fernando and Humberto Campagna. 

Recycled newspaper by Nenna Okore. 

My work in progress of quilling karate belts. 

There are more belt projects in the works, but I'll show you when they are further along. 


  1. Yah! More blog posts! The scarf is an awesome idea

  2. Love how you've adapted art to what you have on hand and to your style. Look forward to seeing more art.

    I wonder what I could make with some belts? Something snowmanish for sure.