Friday, December 30, 2011

December 2011 Happenings In The Studio

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On the first of every month, I post the Happening in the Studio (H.I.T.S.).
I share my trials, triumphs, and behind the scenes of working as a visual artist.

1. I officially filed for copyright protection to all of my art to date. The project for January is to approach stores like IKEA and offer them the chance to buy some of my designs.

Octopus Hook 001Octopus Hook 002Octopus Hook 003

2. I made an octopus towel hook for my dojo. It was one of those rare projects where everything went smoothly and I really enjoyed making it. How can you not have fun drilling a screw into the back of a rubber octopus? Or calling around to toy stores asking if they carry octopus toys?

elizabeth photos of haircut and office redo 008elizabeth photos of haircut and office redo 010
3. For Christmas I gave my mom 10 hours of my time towards projects of her choosing. During that time we chose paint colors for her apartment, redecorated her office (shown above), reorganized her kitchen, and set up and taught her how to use her new technology (like her mp3 player, how to back up her laptop…)


6. I gave several gift certificates out as presents and wrapped them up like messages in a bottle. I thought that was rather clever way to wrap them (and super quick).

7. My friend Andrew started teaching Celeste and me structural physics and how that applies to making large scale art. In the first lesson we watched videos by the European Space Agency and we talked about Newton’s first 3 laws. Andrew really knows his stuff, but I realized that I am not interested in the near future in making another large scale sculpture. My passion is martial arts, so that is where I am going to spend my time. For Christmas my mom gave me sparring gloves for protecting my fingers from the punching bag. I absolutely LOVE them! For Christmas I also got several books on how to be an everyday creative person, which I am down for learning.

I’m starting the year off with a new haircut, nice and short.

Thanks for reading. I’ll see you February 1st for the next Happenings In The Studio (HITS).

Happy new year!

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  1. Love the octopus towel hook. Also love it when a project just comes together without complications.

    Yes. thanks soooo much for the gift of your time. I will send you an updated photo once all the stuff is put away and new photos put in.Love

    Love. Mom

  2. Whether it is art or Martial arts it is always fun to read the HITS