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November 2011 Happenings In The Studio (H.I.T.S.)


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Each month I recap what I did as a visual artist over the last 30 days, in this monthly post called Happenings in the studio, aka the Hits.


The big news is that the glass Cactus Lights are installed! After five months of researching where to get materials and tons of different tests, the lights are lit. You should come check them out. They are hung at The Open Matt in Oakland, CA. The lights set the mood for the music room, where there’s going to be regular shows. For now, we hang out in there pre and post workout from kung fu training.

I helped Philip Krohn animate a stop motion that’s about 22 seconds long. The short is in post production and it will be on youtube very soon!

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In the Earth sticker world, records are being broken. We had the largest sale to date of almost 3,000 stickers and it was also our first over seas sale. I also figured out how to make a widget advertising the sticker on this blog and on a couple of blogs that I manage.

After many years of thinking about it, I visited the di Rosa preserve in Sonoma, CA. It houses 3,000 pieces of art by Californian artists. I went there on a field trip with some dear friends. We made a day of wine tasting and looking at art.  

The Eco Art class that I’ve been taking at Laney College is winding down. For my final project I made a blog for the class for prospective and current students. The current students can use it to look up homework assignments, get inspiration from past student work, and to save on printing handouts. There is also additional local information on there, like announcements to annual Green festivals and where to recycle odd ball items.

I applied for the Eco Art Award in the fine art category. I am particularly excited because one of the jurors, Lloyd Herman, is the director of one of the galleries at the Smithsonian. I sent over images of my art installations post-college, like the bouncy ball curtain and the glass cactus lights. There is a people’s choice award, so please consider voting when the link is up. The winner will be announced in April 2012. First prize is $1,000! 

after andrews kit

I wish I had a before picture, but I trust you can use your imagination. Next to exercising, demolishing and the reorganizing is my passion. While a friend was out of town I took my aggression out on his kitchen.

The fridge use to be in the back right corner to the right of the pot rack. The blonde counter that is under the pot rack was to the left, making it a narrow fit to open and close the fridge. I procured a pot rack and installed it to free up Andrew’s limited cupboard space. And then swapped the dishes in the shallow cupboards with the food in the deep pantry. This makes it way easier to get to canned food and the dishes are already pretty big, so they don’t get lost in the deep pantry.


I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Since how I was hosting, I decided to push Jon’s idea of having turkey tacos to a full blown Mexican themed Thanksgiving. We even had a pinata that my uncle reinforced with packing tape and bailing wire. That was the first pinata that I’ve ever seen go two full rounds on everyone, and the last being with your eyes open. That was an amazingly durable unicorn pinata.

The day after Thanksgiving my family and I decorated ornaments for my Christmas tree. My tree looks so ridiculously good! There are creative people in my family!

For my Thanksgiving food creations check out my food blog, Surprisingly Thankful.

On a side note, December 1st, 2011 marked the one year anniversary for having (and using) the odometer on my bike. Over the past year I’ve clocked 1,747 miles on my legs. I started off having to bike to commute and now I actually love biking and get restless when I drive.

kung fu class

Another one year anniversary happened the week of Thanksgiving. It was my one year birthday practicing kung fu. A friend asked me how lethal I am. My answer, “I dunno.” Let’s keep it that way. What I do know is that when I am around friends and exercising, nothing makes me happier. I need to figure out how to craft my life so I can make a living doing that and not spending it on the computer (which I loath).

I’ll see you January 1st, 2012, for a recap of December’s creations.

In the mean time, for back reading check out The Happenings In The Studio Table of Contents.


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