Monday, September 26, 2011

How do you Focus?

There is a fine line between constantly moving and staying still. I catch myself justifying my busy periods by saying that it's part of my focus, so it's important to accomplish. I'm happiest when doing the things that I love, but mostly, when I'm not doing everything that I love.

Life is so rich in experiences that I have to limit my exposure, so to really enjoy the present experience more deeply. My motto for this year, "Do Less," is based off this thinking. I must admit I have to remind myself to do less quiet often.

One way that I've encouraged myself to be more present is to not multitask. It pulls my attention into many different directions, making it easier to forget to do things. Plus statistically people are less productive when they multitask. I challenge myself to do just one thing at a time, which is actually really hard. I just made myself eat an orange and not turn on the kettle and type up this post.

Instead of multitasking, I try to completely focus on one task at a time. It makes for a more enjoyable experience, even if that's just surfing the web with just one tab open. I'm not worrying about needing to do other things.

Multitasking is often confused with being efficient. I like to batch like tasks together, like internet chores or reading assignments and if applicable, assembly line the tasks. But I avoid trying to cook while emailing or doing homework and checking Facebook. Focus is my mantra and one of these days I will get it.

How do you focus? How do you choose what are the most important and meaningful things to-do?

(Unfortunately the 'Do Less tshirt" is no longer for sale from Oneless Act.)

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