Monday, September 26, 2011

benefits of having a focus

The following are artist whom I admire for their focus, albeit one material or one concept, or both:

Lucy Matzger

Lucia Matzger uses coffee filters as a medium to create kimonos.

By staying in one medium, you can see what the material is capable of doing. It becomes a playful "what if" game. Experimenting is key. Introducing subtle elements, like gold leaf. Trying out different ways of attaching disparate materials together.

I also admire Lucia's art because she works primarily with nontoxic coffee filters that are given a higher calling over the compost bin.

Ani Kasten

Ani Kasten works with clay to make textured vessels, both pots and sculptures, often using a high key color palette (pastels and whites).

What I love about her art is the deliberate act of making them imperfect and off balance. This makes them more interesting to look at. It's like what my mom said to me when I was little. I wanted so badly to fit in, but she told me that people like me because of my differences. I already know what perfection looks like. Give me something different. A perfect pot is the same all the way around. I like to visually explore what a weathered pot looks like; covered in texture with subtle color variations.

Ani's ceramics are deceptively simple. There is so much going on there. I'd love to hold one and really experience her art in person.

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