Sunday, August 19, 2012

Check out my wheels!

I spent more time with this bike than I did with my friends.
My yellow, Specialized Stumpjumper was too flashy for her own good. Every time I came back to unlock my bike, I was so thankful that I got another day with her. "Aura" went walkabout on July 7th. Over the last year and half, I'd ridden in crazy rain storms, wind, and lovely sunny days, logging 2,700 miles. 

After three weeks of hating the world, and being jealous of every cyclist that I passed because they   still owned their prized possession, I got over myself. The exciting part about having my bike stolen was that I got to buy a new bike! I've never had a new bike before!

Since how I don't own a car, I put in due diligence in shopping around and found this beauty! She's a hybrid, making her lighter than Aura. She's zippy. Oh so sleek. I splurged and bought a waterproof pannier to replace my seven year old back pack.

Before staying at Tassajara, the Zen monastery in the Los Padres National Forest down by Big Sur, I never intentionally enjoyed wearing black. Now it's a comfort color. My new bike is also black. Her name is Tassajara, or Tassa for short.

The first week we spent together we logged 76 miles trecking around Angel Island, Japantown and North Beach in San Francisco, to and from the dojo, out on errands and commuting to work.

I'm completely infatuated. Don't tell my old bike, but this hybrid is a better fit

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