Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jewelry Display Board

Happy birthday Ian!

For Ian's birthday I offered to make a jewelry display board to hang in his office to showcase his art.

There's a lot of steps to making each earring and pendant, but the essence is that he models it on the computer, it's printed off on a 3D printer and then cast into metal and wooden insert are put into place. I love his designs! I have the turtle and love showing it off to people. (The above awesome photo is property of Omerica Body Jewelry, Inc.)

Originally I was going to make and ship the display to Ian, but spontaneous me flew to Colorado and decided it would be way more fun to create this together. In the past Ian and I have collaborated and those memories are some of my fondest of us together.

We spent about an hour at the thrift store looking for a potential shelf, or an object with drawers, or a mirror or a something to serve as a framework for this display. It couldn't look cheap since how the jewelry are of high quality; the wood inserts have stunning colors and beautiful grains and the metals are full of tiny details and polished to a shine. We found the perfect object-a wooden cheese board!

The cheese board who was lucky enough to have a higher calling- he's now "fine art."

We then went to a hardware store and hunted for a way to hang the jewelry. I resisted the urge to ask an employee, "I'm looking for a mesh, or maybe a hook, or a nail to hang necklaces. I'm not doing home repair. I'm making art. Do you have any suggestions?" (I've done this before and they hate me.) Instead we walked around and questioned everything. It was so much fun! We decided to go with a black aluminum mesh, that's ridged and decorative.

Back at the ranch construction was a joy. Everything went together so easily! We decided to make a shelf out of an old leather belt and insert that in the middle of the black aluminum mesh. The shelf would serve as an easy to show off the earring plugs.

The workbench in sunny, 82 degree weather. (The day before it snowed. Oh how I miss Colorado.)

We finished the jewelry display board the day I returned to California. I wasnt ready to leave it behind. I wanted to keep looking at it and admire it. Thank you Ian for sending me the photograph of the finished jewelry board so I can look at it anytime. And thank you for making your own birthday present with me.

To see more of Ian's stunning work, check out Ian Southwell's portfolio.
To buy any of the jewelry go to Omerica.

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  1. This is beautiful. What a fun project for the two of you to work on together.