Wednesday, September 1, 2010

student massage clinics= great prices and excellent body work

As an artist, who does repetitive tasks over and over again, getting a massage is a blessing. Thanks to my mom and her generosity, today I was treated to a hour long massage at Bryan College in Rancho Cordova, CA. All through art school I had body work done at the San Francisco massage school, National Holistic Institute, so going to Bryan was a very familiar and relaxing experience.

Both schools offer very good and professional massages at incredible prices. At Bryan Collage they offer Japanese massage, deep tissue and heated stone massage. They have other services, so you should check them out. My hour long massage was $30! One perk at the Rancho Cordova massage school is that you get the option of choosing a male or female massage therapist and you can request them week after week.

It has been over an hour since my full body massage and I still feel zen and not quiet here. Feeling better and not having my neck ache helps me immensely with productivity and just being happier. I look forward to having a full-time job so I can treat myself to bimonthly massages. Thank you mom! Namaste.

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