Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Week 22 HITS

Photos of mural, knitting and finished art commission are here.

(I was asked if this was one of my photos. Flattered I responded no. I forget to site photos since I rarely use other's pics. Plus there is still a large gap in quality between their photos and my fledgling photos, so it almost goes without saying if I took it.)

Off to the races!!

After a very full few days in San Francisco (like they normally are) I'm back in Sacramento recapping what creatively went on in my life over the last week. To sum it up - a lot! There are lots of photos and one huge project was completed with much satisfaction and joyfulness.

While in SF my brother took me to Golden Gate Fields to watch the horses race. He goes most weeks and has been inviting me for a long time. I finally took him up on it. To my surprise there were lots of families there, but maybe that was because there were special races going on between dachshunds pets. Too cute! Most of them bolted out of the gates to do a U turn to get back to their owners. The closest race was between 3 dogs that realized they are supposed to run straight to the tp finish line.

Giant Cactus Lights Completed

Elizabeth Symington, 2009
Cactus Lights for Andrew McAleavey
approx. 8', 10' and 12'
knit black elastic, plastic containers, wiring

Saturday night with Ian's assistance, I installed my art commission at the collector's loft. Andrew saw smaller versions of these Cactus Lights on my website and wanted really long ones for his 16 foot ceilings. He's the one chilling in the hammock surrounded by very colorful, large scale art.

Besides picking up some work assisting a couple of artists, I briefly checked out the East Bay Open Studios. It's always the first 2 weekends of June. It is worth checking out so you can buy awesome art, walk around artist's studios and talk to the photographers, sculptors, painters or whatever their discipline. I showed last year, but alas, I'm no longer a Bay Area artist.

Knitting Explosion

Last week my little dog was lost in SF for 3 days. I drove to Sacramento with out him and had to tell my mom he got out of the back yard. Then about 5 hours later someone called and said they had him. So mom and I drove to SF that very instant. On the way out there I knit a scarf in 1 hr! I didnt realize that was even possible. Wanting to try something else with the yarn, I used pens that were in my purse as needles. Other than occasional marks on the hands, they worked great.

For the scarf, I made tassels. It brought me back to doing crafts with my great grandmother in Hemet, California. I use to do plastic canvas projects, some cross stitch and she showed me how to knit (which I found boring at the time and promptly gave it up). I'd love to be able to show my great grandmother my scarf. She'd be proud. I'm excited to expand my knitting knowledge so I can teach what I'm learning and eventually pass it on to my grand children.

From the library I picked up knitting projects for kids. I'm testing out projects for the family that I giving knitting lessons to. There are so many awesome things I want to make!! Calling them "Christmas presents" means I can do them now, instead of other more pressing matters. From one of the books it showed me how to knit patterns using the garter and knit stitch! From there I made bean bags stuffed with rice. Next I want to dye them with food coloring or use up some of the fabric dye I have from painting the tipi.

Pooh Mural Painted Over

This week I am going on a long bike ride with my cousins and uncle and working on making over cousin K's bedroom from Winnie the Pooh to a age appropriate chill game room.

Photos of mural, knitting and finished art commission are here.

Thanks for reading. See you next week.

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