Monday, October 20, 2008

First Crash on Scooter in 2 years

Yesterday, I was in Daly City having just eaten tamales from my favorite store, when I crashed. I was riding my scooter (foot powered, not motorized) and Ian was riding his skate board. Recently I have been bolder in my skating, hopping down curbs and over little cracks and 2 inch inclines in the pavement (keep in mind the scooter has about a 2 inch clearance). When I crashed I was going to fast, plus I tried to go down a slopped curb and hop a bump in the road. BAM! I flew into the ground. Thankfully I rolled and just lay there. Instantly I was in pain, which I figured was a good thing, other wise it would mean I was seriously hurt and in shock.

I lay there and waited for Ian to run over to me. My knee and hands hurt a lot. He helped me up and a pedestrian asked if I was ok. I bet they weren't expecting to see a scooter crash! Lucky for me, we were just a block from Ian's apartment. We were going to the San Francisco Open Studios. I guess we'll try again next weekend.

For the rest of the day, Ian took care of me, which was wonderful. Typically he is the one getting hurt: stitches in his knee, sprained or broken ankles... I tried his crutches but they are too tall, so I am riding my scooter. It hurts a lot less to stand and bend just the right knee then to walk.

Ian cooked for me, and changed my bandages. He would bring me advil, water and arnica. I even iced it thanks to his prompting. We watched the new season of Red vs. Blue, played Mario Galaxy, and ate a ton of fresh shrimp! I adore seafood. Yummy!!! If being hurt means being waited on like this, hmmm, I could get use to this. Actually, I would get sick of being waited on, but I loved it today. Thank you Ian!

Last night Ian said that was the first day I have taken off since we went to Baja for Christmas in 2005. My first thought was, "that's ridiculous. How could I still be functioning? hmmm. I have felt frazzled, worn out and drained for a while now. Maybe he is right." He pointed out that many times I've said I'm taking a day off, but after a little bit, I'd start doing "more productive things". Even on my vacations to Colorado, the Northwest and to Rancho are filled with lots of things to accomplish. I enjoy my vacations, but now that I think of it, maybe those weren't really vacations.

I worry when I am relaxing, that I should be doing more productive things. I should be getting things done. But yesterday, I couldn't move every well, so I stayed put and it was wonderful. Mom thinks people get hurt or sick for a reason; like we need to learn something before moving on. I think I need to respect my body and sanity by taking time off during the week. Maybe not an entire day (that would stress me out), but I could see setting aside a morning for relaxing.

Right now my knee is numb from ice. I over did it today, being the first day walking around. It is hard not to bend my knee when I need to work and commute. Trying to get home tonight after class, I learned anther lesson, to baby the knee. I am back to arnica, pain killers, water, and icing. It is hard to sit still, so I trick myself by letting myself have an evening just for reading Calvin and Hobbes, playing with my digital camera, and blogging.

I did make dinner and it was relaxing to make and very delicious.
In the rice cooker I threw in raisins, pecans, sliced almonds, some cinnamon and all spice with 2 c. rice and 1/2 can of coconut milk. The result: primo!!! Next time I am going to try adding more coconut milk, just to be daring.

Then in the oven I had meatballs cooking. They had herbs from my garden: tarramon and chives with a bit of salt. Cooked them for 50 minutes at 350.

In a frying pan I chopped up fresh tomatoes, green bell peppers, mushrooms, and pineapple. I sauteed them with a little bit of olive oil and sliced almonds.

Everything smelt so good and I was so hungry (it was 8pm and I normally
eat around 6), I snacked on cold hot dogs. It seemed like a perfect juxtaposition, thus making my dinner even better. I had a cup of yerba matte tea with my dinner. Some how I fit dessert, which was a pine apple and banana smoothie.

I was going to have spaghetti, but it evolved into something so much better. I love cooking and eating.

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  1. Oh, I wish I was there to baby you and to share your dinner. :-) Which did sound awesome.

    Taking a break is so needful for one's body. I've heard that machinery breaka down faster if it doesn't get a break.

    Heal quickly and be ever so careful. Love you mucho. Mom