Monday, December 31, 2007

Amy Grant, Knitting and safeway

Before writing this blog I was listening to a CD and knitting. My mom showed me how to knit last week, when I was visiting her for Christmas. I want to make a sculpture using knitting and clay, but I knew nothing about knitting. Now I am completely hooked on knitting!!! I am thinking about other things, besides yarn I could knit, like wire, string, rope.

The CD I am listening to is Amy Grant, House of Love. Every time I hear it I am instantly 11 again. My brother, my older cousin and I would go to our Aunt and Uncle's house and dance to this album. We'd always play a goofy, made up game because my Uncle is creative like that. My uncle showed us how to stack Lincoln logs on end to make a tower. We'd see how tall we could make the tower before it fell over. Often it was 4-5 feet tall. We'd decorate it with plastic cowboys and Indians. We'd also play with 2 jenga sets on top of each other. I am picking up a theme of destruction. hmm..

I am waiting for safeway to show up with my groceries. I adore this service. It's only $10 to deliver! Before, my boyfriend and I would take the bus to the store, shop, then walk his bike back with all the grocery bags hanging on it. We live about 1.5 miles away so it would take 1 1/2 hours all together, to buy groceries every week.

Now I go on and order online. It saves my last order so it's easy to uncheck the items I dont need this week. It is so simple that I keep waiting for some thing to go wrong.

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